Who Am I?

Hello ladies, Angie here, and I wanted to share with you a little bit about who I am and my goals for Modern Day Esther. I have begun a series of writing prompts to help me with writing more and getting more foot traffic to our social platforms. Today is day one, and it is all about why I write.

Autumn time

In today’s prompt I was encouraged to write down three concrete goals I have for my blog, here are my three:

  1. Bring Unity among women, and reflect what a true feminist is: If you were to look back at the true feminist such as Rosa Parks, those that started the women’s voting movement, and the multitude of women who fight against sex trafficking, these were true feminist. They didn’t have a mentality of “We are better than men” or that women have been oppressed for so long it is our turn to treat men like that. They wanted women to be treated with respect like any human being should, and fought so that women across America would quite being beaten and told they are nothing more than men’s plaything and slave. I believe women have a voice now more than ever before, and we need to use it for good!
  2. Provide a place for growth and mentorship: I want this place and our other social media platforms to be a place where we come to an understanding of who Jesus is and how much he loves us. Along with this I want this to be a place where if a woman is hurting she can comment and one or more of us can take her under our wing. The way I envision this is by sharing devotions that God has laid on my heart, possibly doing an online Bible Study, sharing tips and tricks to help us stay healthy and live the best life we can, and to share places in and around us that we can help others.
  3. Take Action: Finally, as I just stated, I want this to be a place for ladies to come and get resources to help those in need. My hope is that women would rise up and start helping those in need and become an example to our younger generation. I mean I just heard the other day about kids are eating Tide dishwashing pods…what in the world???!! I think we as women need to start setting an example and being good role models for the those younger than us.


This is my list, what are some goals you could make for this year? Comment below, and I will pick someone that will receive a mystery gift in the mail the beginning of next month.



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