Lend A Helping Hand

For most cities in America and around the world we are under a mandatory quarantine, and there are many of us who are without a job – and without pay! I spoke last week about having hope in uncertain times – if you haven’t read it I encourage you to check it out here -, and since I spoke to you last I found out I might be going back to school on April 8th. Now that might change, especially due to the rise in cases of those either infected or having died due to the illness, but it still made me think of something that I want to share with you today: Lending A Helping Hand.

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        At the beginning of all of this mess I was upset because people were freaking out because of the way the media was talking about COVID-19 like it was some sort of black plague – yes it’s bad but they didn’t have to scare people by making sound like it is the end of the world. Secondly, people were throwing common sense out the window by buying up a ton of sanitizer and toilet paper – btw the flu doesn’t give you the runs – when they should be buying vitamin C, D, and boxes of Kleenex!!! However, I been praying, and recently God has shown me how people are only acting like this because they don’t know better, they are acting in fear, and I need to just have grace and mercy with others. So for that, I apologize.

I also want to say that if you are running out of things to do, and/or have extra supplies, would you consider walking down to your neighbors – if you are healthy enough to, don’t do it if you have flu-like symptoms – and check on them? Those most affected are children, older people, and those with a low or no immune system. I also want to say – without letting fear grip us- we should obey our leaders (yes that includes President Trump). What does this mean? The only way to get rid of this virus is to do the following:

  • Take care of your health:  If you aren’t taking vitamins or drinking water, you should. I wasn’t taking any vitamins – well, I was but I stopped – beforehand, and I wasn’t drinking much water. I am striving to do better now because that will flush your system and build your immune system. This also includes washing hands after using the restroom, messing with the trash or if your hands are dirty/you sneezed or coughed. If you do sneeze, do everyone a favor and sneeze into your arm please, it not only prevents the germs from spreading but it is also just decent common courtesy.
  • Think of others, not just yourself: Just because you are healthy doesn’t mean you won’t make someone else sick! This isn’t walking in fear, it is using common sense. I am not sick, but if I have the sniffles because of something in the air, or if i have germs on me that i am unaware of, I might make someone else sick. If the government says to limit your interactions with strangers, the elderly, and kids, then to be safe just listen to what they say, that way this can be over and we can all go about our lives! Also I should mention, if you have extra of something, you can check on social media, with your neighbors, etc if they are in need of any items! By doing this we are all helping others and getting through this safely! I have always been a fan of places like Denmark who believe each person within a society is required to look after each other. For example, in said community, everyone views the other person as if they were a close relative. Instead of always wanting and looking out for yourself, the idea is to use your gifts and talents to help others regardless of race or gender. This promotes love, kindness, and fosters a bond within a community instead of division and hate. Say what you will, but I think we need more of this in our world regardless of your religion or background. I have been thinking about this lately, and been thinking about how this quarantine can be a way for all of us to remember what it means to be human and care for the needs of those around us instead of looking at external factors like race, gender, and socioeconomic status. Furthermore, I don’t care what your political views are, what race, nationality, or whether you are male, female, or believe you are another gender. I love you, and willing to help if I can.
  • Stay indoors (unless you have to work): The President and most state/global officials have asked everyone to stay indoors unless you have to work (more on this in a minute), so we need to be obedient and listen. First because God said in scripture that we need to obey the laws he has put in place biblically as well as within our government unless it directly disobey’s God – which this isn’t doing -, we need to stay inside. Second, by staying inside we can eliminate this thing and lift the quarantine faster. Also, if you are out because you need gas or necessities for the week, or you are working, remember to be safe and limit those you come in contact with or use the precautions – keeping hands washed and use sanitizer – to keep yourself and others safe. Plus we need to show grace to those who are working – first responders, those in the food industry, etc. And for those working, my thoughts and prayers go out to you.

MDE was created to bring justice to those in need, but we also are here to spread love and provide a helping hand to our fellow neighbors whether across the street or across the globe. Will you help me promote unity during this time, and shine the light of Jesus by taking steps to help those in need today? Even if it is like what I am doing by writing articles or streaming/making videos to encourage others; find ways to use your gifts and talents during this difficult time! If you have been serving or have great ideas and ways to lend a helping hand then comment below! You can also head over to the contact section and shoot me a message. Look forward to your responses!

Until next time, remember to stay safe, stay indoors if at all possible, wash hands and take your vitamins, and instead of spreading the virus let’s spread love and kindness!



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