The Voting Season

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I don’t usually like to discuss politics with people unless I know they are good debaters and refuse to get upset when someone else doesn’t believe the same as them. Therefore, today will be about the upcoming election – especially since today my husband and I are going to be voting early this year. If you wish to disregard this week’s post I will still love you all the same and won’t think ill of you. You can pick back up next week with our regularly scheduled post. ^_^ For those of you wishing to stay, I hope you will step outside of yourself and see where I am coming from, and if you so desire to engage in a friendly debate you will keep it just that, friendly.

My husband Chris and I found out recently that we can vote early at our town’s courthouse. Now usually we vote the day of, yet we decided with all the craziness of this year we would shake things up a bit and cast our vote a tad bit early. Seeing as we are doing that tonight, I want to share my thoughts on this election year. I think we can all agree this year has been wonky. Am I right? However, I usually keep silent when people say they refuse to vote because it doesn’t really count. Yet recently God has shown me I need to start speaking up when I hear this. The reason being, you think you are part of the few that say this, yet the statistics show and we can clearly see the affects of the government and electoral college being able to put their people in due to the lack of voting from the citizens of the United States of America. I am sure you can think of quite a few presidents who have gotten into office and haven’t lived up to the promises they gave during the months leading up to their inauguration.

Why Vote
So why should you vote? What does your vote actually do? Well, for starters God said in His Word that we should choose a leader who fights for justice, speak truth, and are competent in their work – they know what they are doing -. (Exodus 18:21 AMP) We also need a leader who will stand with Israel, because God said they are his chosen people – and where Jesus came from -. (In Genesis 12:3;Romans 9:4 CEV; Romans 15:27 TPT) Besides the spiritual call to action, we need to vote because that is our God-give right. Regardless of what you might have read in the current history books, this country was founded because a select group of people were tired of the tyranny of Britain, their indoctrination, and how the citizens were subject to the government. In essence, they could not make any major decisions on their own because it was either taxed or given with a stipulation of how they should act. Things might have gotten a little bit better there – I don’t know because I don’t live there -, but the citizens of Britain, Europe, and most other countries at the end of the day are subject to their government. Now some countries may be doing well with their government and how they treat their people, but at the end of the day the fact is their people are not truly free. The United States was founded on the fact that people had a right to live free without the government dictating their every move. If you don’t want to live in a country that tells you the how and where you eat, sleep, work, etc. Then you must vote. It may not seem like it, but your vote really does count. The media and Hollywood want to indoctrinate you into thinking we need a government that keep tabs on and tells us how to live. They say we need a free America where we don’t have boundaries or rules, but it’s no different than a 14 year old who gets their way and refuses to receive discipline. A child like that will only turn out one of two ways; one which leads to death because they are reckless and will ultimately do something to harm themselves or others which will get themselves killed. Or they will become selfish, self-centered adults who won’t fully live up to their full potential because they have a mindset of “what about me” and live pitiful instead of powerful. This is the hard truth, but it needs to be said.


So who should you vote for when you get in the booth? Honestly, I refuse to tell you who to vote for, and instead tell you what to look for, their track record. Now this is going to take some digging and research, but I promise you it will be worth it. Before you go to the polls – whether you are voting early like Chris and I, or in November – ask yourself these questions, “Does the person I’m voting for believe the same as me?” If they don’t does their beliefs make you and the country better or worse? “What is their agenda?” and “Are they a person of integrity?” Integrity just means you say something, then you perform actions that back up what you have said. Are the people you’re voting for do this, or do they go with the crowd and whatever happens to get the most cheers and follows? These are important questions to ask before voting, because it determines the type of people who will lead our country.

This election year I want you to shut out all the voices and opinions around you and choose those the Lord would lead you to. Be careful, God might ask you to fast & pray – after all this is a big decision -, all throughout scripture from the OT and New we see people coming to God through both prayer and fasting from some type of food to receive wisdom and a miracle. ( See Matt. 17:21 NKJ)

I hope this post blessed you today, and even made you think. Have a wonderful week ladies!

Let’s be women who bring about change and not just another voice in the crowd,

Keep loving and keep shining bright,

~ Angie ~

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