I’m still here

Hello ladies, first before we get into today’s post, I want to say thank you to all the newcomers who have subscribed to the blog. Welcome to the MDE community! I wanted to write this because one, in all the busyness of the Thanksgiving holiday I forgot to post on here, and two I wanted to let you know something fun my husband and I are doing for advent this year. There is an amazing and funny woman of God that I follow online, Candace Payne, most of you probably know her from her Chewbacca mom days. However, she is so much more than that. Candace is a beacon for joy, an amazing mom to two adorable kiddos, an author, speaker, and I want to share a small bit of her new book called, “Encounter Advent.” In this new book she self published – shout out to my self published authors out there -, Candace doesn’t just give you a five week study to prepare you for Christmas, she gets you engaged and causes you to see Christmas with fresh eyes. I am currently on day three and it’s been fun and meaningful for both Chris and I. As a couple we are not only engaging in God’s word together, we are praying together and doing fun activities. This goes beyond a devotional surrounding Christmas, more than your average advent book, this gets to the heart of why we celebrate Christmas and brings the birth of Jesus to life. This is a must for everyone, especially for followers of Jesus. I encourage you to get this book today…and if you’re afraid of doing it because you think it is just for couples, or you won’t be able to do it with your kids, don’t worry. This has been designed for everyone in mind, regardless if you are single, married, or have kids. The point Candace was trying to make is to engage everyone in the family in preparing for the Christmas season. If you would like to learn more first and foremost get the book. Secondly, make sure to check back each Monday and I will share just a few things that stood out to me regarding the discussions for that week. I won’t share everything because my hope is that you will get the book yourself, but I would like to peak your interest in buying it.

Well ladies, that is all I have for today. Remember to check out our socials for more great content.

Until next time,


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