The Kingdom of Heaven

So a few days ago I decided to do something different this year. I’ve been wanting to study scripture more and one of the ways I’m doing this is by reading a book called, “Walk through the Word” which is a daily reading of the New Testament and then afterwards there will be an excerpt by different pastors around the world discussing what you just read. So for example, today was Week 3 Day 3, and the scripture was Matthew 12:22-45. This was talking about the kingdom of heaven, how a house divided will not stand, and as an image bearer for God we have power and authority over the enemy. At the end of the reading there is a pastor who discusses further what the Lord is saying in these verses and how we can apply it to our lives. I kept getting stuck on the part about the kingdom of heaven coming upon us. In verse 28 Jesus said that as He cast out demons His kingdom was upon the people. Basically what it meant was that as we go about our lives we have the very Kingdom of heaven inside of us. When we fully give our lives to Jesus His Holy Spirit comes to live within us. Now most people think all you have to do is believe in God, say a prayer, and that’s it. Yet there are so many people who are living miserable lives. The Kingdom of God doesn’t live inside them because they haven’t given themselves fully to God. James 1:8 says a double-minded person is unstable in all their ways. What does this mean? If you think you can be popular and have the most likes while being a follower of Jesus then you are wrong. I’m not saying if you follow Jesus you shouldn’t use social media. Obviously that isn’t what I’m saying otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this to you now. What I am saying is that you can’t compromise your beliefs just to get people to like you or so you can be with the “in” crowd. We need to get comfortable with not being liked sometimes and being called weird. We don’t want to be weird for the sake of being weird, but we should have a standard of beliefs that we live by and where people notice a difference between ourselves and the way we live our lives and those who don’t believe in the creator of the universe.

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Today I want to encourage you to pray and ask the Lord if you’ve been double-minded in your thinking. I know I’ve had to pray this more than a few times in my life because I always seem to get distracted….afterall, I am human and I miss the mark sometimes too. We need to ask the Lord to help us choose Him fully, each and every day – because it doesn’t just happen once -, and then rest in His presence. We don’t wait to rest in His presence when we depart this life and enter the next, we can have His presence and heaven on earth now, we just have to ask!


Lord, forgive me if I’ve been double-minded lately, having one foot in the world’s ways and one foot in your presence. I want to follow you fully Jesus! Help me Holy Spirit to rest in your presence and anointing and never compromise my beliefs or standards because it’s not popular. Fill me Lord with your spirit and help me live for you today! In Jesus Name, Amen.

Ladies, you are loved, you are powerful, and you are God’s messenger to the world. You may be the only image of Jesus people see today, so shine bright daughter of God!

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