Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t despise small beginnings”? Well, I’m currently in a season of new beginnings and starting over. Recently in my morning devotions, I felt like God was telling me not to despise these moments that I’m in and what I’m learning. Some people like to praise the big wins, yet they forget about all the little ones that took them to get there. I know for me personally, I have a hard time with new beginnings because it means change and change can be scary. I’m learning… Read More

Broken To Be Made Whole Again

This year has been one of growth, blessing, and tremendous favor, but understand me when I say it didn’t come easy. For the last seven years, there have been a lot of heartache, tears, and moments of loneliness. In the midst of this God has met me in the brokenness – He didn’t cause it, He simply showed up and brought good from evil-, and helped me see myself and others through His eyes. I have heard that growth isn’t easy all my life, but I didn’t think it would be this… Read More

Observing Lent Embracing Easter

Hello ladies, in today’s blog post I wanted to share my experience with observing Lent and how we can experience Easter in a way that draws us closer to God and others to the gospel message. Grab you water/tea, get comfy and let’s dive in. I’m sure there are many people who observe Lent – the weeks leading up to Easter/Resurrection Sunday – differently. However, I came about it through a few teachings on what Lent represents, especially to the Jewish population. I won’t go into great detail, I encourage you to… Read More

The Voting Season

I don’t usually like to discuss politics with people unless I know they are good debaters and refuse to get upset when someone else doesn’t believe the same as them. Therefore, today will be about the upcoming election – especially since today my husband and I are going to be voting early this year. If you wish to disregard this week’s post I will still love you all the same and won’t think ill of you. You can pick back up next week with our regularly scheduled post. ^_^ For those of… Read More

Who will you be on the other side?

Something the Lord has been teaching me recently – besides patience – is how to be content and diligent with where I am, on the way to where He wants me to be. In other words, most of us have felt shaken, to our core even, with everything going on. Up until recently I looked at this in a negative way. However, God is showing me as the old song says, “There is a whole lotta shakin’ going on” and it is actually for my benefit. To piggy back on what a… Read More

The Joys of Community

    Hello friends! I hope you’re having an excellent Tuesday afternoon! Sunday I had the privilege of seeing some friends that I have known for the last three or so years, and some who have known me most of my life. The picture above is a photo from a women’s retreat that I attended three years ago at one of the church plants Chris and I were involved with. I look at it every so often and to me it’s a perfect picture of what community should look like…for the most… Read More

Love: What does it really mean?

“But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation: Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love. “ 1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV I have been doing a devotion lately on peace and what it means to become a peacemaker. For those who don’t know, I have dealt with stress for a long time and was diagnosed with generalized anxiety in my early twenties. I like to say I am overcoming anxiety, one day at… Read More

Jesus is coming soon

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good week so far. I have been thinking the past week of what to discuss today. I don’t know about you, but lately God has been leading me to Biblical Prophecy. Now I don’t know where you stand on the subject, but when I was a teenager I used to love digging into the subject and learning all about it from people such as Jack Van Impe, Perry Stone, or even doing Bible studies like “Daniel” by Beth Moore. Whatever your beliefs, whether they… Read More

The church is not a building…or is it?

Today I want to share something that has been bothering me lately. I have read many times in the Bible how the body of Christ isn’t a building but people who love and serve God and meet together regularly – wherever that may be. However, lately, I have been seeing certain churches defy the government – which God specifically stated in the Bible that unless they are causing us to disobey God, which they are not, then we should obey them because God put them in place -, and out of one… Read More

Hope in uncertain times

How can you find hope in uncertain times? Read the article for more, and how you can help me to spread love and joy to others.